What is Raw Foodism?

What is Raw Foodism?

Alternative diets have been present since time began. Today, when humans have a greater understanding of the environment and their bodies, several alternative diets have been embraced worldwide. Raw foodism, better known as Rawism or the Raw Food Diet, is just one of the many alternate diets today. It has grown in popularity because of the incredible health benefits it is said that one can derive from eating in this way.

The raw food diet arises from the concept that fruit and vegetables are more beneficial for a human being when eaten in their raw state. Some believe that the food eaten in its raw state benefits the human body and makes them more energetic. Therefore, the people who follow a raw food diet will essentially eat uncooked food. These

individuals also eat unprocessed food or organic foods. Usually, eighty percent of the raw food diet is commonly consumed in its natural state. It’s a popular misconception that everything you eat on a raw diet must be raw. Most experts who support the raw food diet say that you can get all the benefits from eating eighty percent of your diet in the raw state.


Apart from the benefits like energizing the body, several benefits are attributed to raw foods. For example, having a raw food diet is claimed to work wonders for health conditions like diabetes and skin diseases. A raw food diet is also instrumental in helping individuals achieve that ‘glow,’ which is healthy skin. Raw food diets are also known to help people with good digestion. Raw food diets are also known to be instrumental in the weight loss of an individual. Raw food diets have a lesser quantity of sodium. Also, they are high in potassium and fibers, which add to an individual’s health.

Side Effects:

Just as the raw food diet has advantages, there are some disadvantages of a raw food diet. However, these raw food diets may cause the individuals to have a detoxification-like feeling if their previous diet was heavy in caffeine, meat, and sugar. Also, some individuals may face side effects like nausea, cravings for the food, and headaches. Also, individuals who have a risk of anemia, osteoporosis, and pregnant women should not adhere to a raw food diet. Also, there are chances of nutritional deficiencies in calcium, proteins, and iron.

There are several recipes for raw food. These recipes can be easily found on the various websites that cater to raw food and individuals who follow the raw food diet. A simple search on any search engine will give you the links to all the major websites that cater to the raw food diet and have the recipes for the same.

If you are thinking of trying a raw food diet, break yourself in gently, gradually increasing the proportions of your diet comprised of raw foods. If you try to do it all at once, it will be too much of a change for you, and you will almost certainly give up and return to your old eating habits. That would be a real shame as you will never realize the incredible health benefits you can get from following a raw food diet.